After successfully retaking the flight deck, a door at the road below opens, and Johnson approaches them, holding an SMG. Head outside, up the stairwell towards the hangar, following your troops. Once you clear out the room, comb the place for additional Battle Rifle ammo, then proceed through the far door and continue through a hallway. Location: Crow's Nest, Kenya, Earth "Chief," My breath caught upon hearing his name. The few Drones are quickly eliminated. While the Arbiter and the marine you saved distract the Brutes, run over to the ladder that leads to the upper floor. IGN's complete written and video walkthrough to Crow's Nest guides you through this Halo 3 mission. Evac Via the Landing-Pad: We’ve divided this long, winding corridor into three section; one for each time it switches direction. Chop chop! Using the Plasma Cannons and/or using all available cover, he gets back to the Motor Pool next door to the Ops Center. The Chief gets to the hangar, where Phantoms flee, and Grunts run around in panic and some trying to catch the fleeing Phantom, holds up and looks miserable. Marines pass by for evac. Crow's Nest ... Then escort them to the Landing Pad for evac." The joint UNSC-Sangheili fleet crosses the Portal and arrives in orbit over a massive Forerunner structure. Landing Pad; Motor Pool II; Ops Center; Escape; Part-1. Your objective is simple: save the marines in the barracks, and then evac via the landing pad. As such, there are numerous methods to get through this room, but here's our suggested process: Section 1 From the get-go, climb the left-most ladder up to the walkway and follow the left wall up to a ladder leading into the air duct - climb quickly to avoid taking fire. Tap to unmute. The Master Chief takes weapons and ammo from the locker. The Chief heads through the corridor to the Motor Pool. The Pelican hanging on a crane in one of the docks slides out and is released. When all the Brutes are dead, a Pelican arrives to pick up the troops and to bring them to safety. 1 Walkthrough 1.1 Recommended Skulls 1.2 Starting Weapons 1.3 MISSION START 1.3.1 Ops Center and South Hangar 1.4 RALLY POINT ALPHA 1.4.1 Sewers and Motor Pool 1.4.2 Barracks and Landing Pad Bravo 1.5 RALLY POINT BRAVO 1.5.1 Ops Center and South Hangar II 1.5.2 Debriefing The recommended skulls for this mission are Tough Luck, Fog, Famine and Thunderstorm. Hang back by the corner and open fire on the Brutes beyond - while there's another air duct above you can make use of, we've found it's difficult to target the enemies in this section from there, so stick to the ground. The Crow's Nest was built for a war in the 20th century, and because of its age, the base often frustrated UNSC personnel because it required constant maintenance and employed outdated technology, such as its door controls. A Drone suddenly appears above him and picks him up. Anyway, these aren't random things said by Marines (such as "Hey! They soon reach the command center and speak with Lord Hood, discussing a plan for a… The Master Chief, Thel 'Vadam and Johnson get off. Hey guys Waffle here! Halo 3 Walkthrough | Crow's Nest | Part 3 (Xbox 360) - YouTube Two Marines chatting to each other notice Commander Keyes and the Master Chief. Request support and pick-up at the Dam near my position. I did not hear another word as his helmet shifted down to look directly at me, swiping two … Finding a hole in the floor, he jumps down into a shaft, and at the bottom are several pipe entrances, which Drones fly in and out of. You too, Arbiter. Halo 3 - 3. Follow the Nav point up to a door - get ready to shoot a covenant manning a turret as soon as you open it. Get Back to the Ops-Center: Evac Via the Landing-Pad: Get Back to the Ops-Center: Work your way back to the Ops-Center by back-tracking through the same route you took to get here (if you get lost, use the Nav Points to find your way). Halo 3 Walkthrough. On the landing pad, you’ll be ambushed by a dozen Brutes in jet packs. We suggest staying off the pad, and instead seeking cover behind one of the nearby large containers, and using the Battle Rifle to target the pleothra of Brutes. It was developed by Bungie Studios and published by Microsoft. The Chief and Marines take turrets and defend the hangar. We've divided this long, winding corridor into three section; one for each time it switches direction. The Phantoms retreat and their troops fall. Halo 3 campaign walkthrough -The 2nd level "Crows Nest" in 3 parts each parts was divided into segments. 300px . Sierra 117: Crow's Nest: Tsavo Highway >> Secure Perimeter Defenses!