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They offer immediate access to chemical information and technical advice. On their website, current paint information & Color Index Names are available by clicking on the color hue images. Artist Grade Oil Colors (Web) (PDF)  |  1980 Oil Colors (Websie has no CI numbers) (PDF), FastMatte Aylkd Oils (Web)  |  Dry Pigment powders (Web no CI), Gamblin Conservation Colors (PDF) (Web) Tech Data (PDF)  |  Pigmented Wax Resin (Web) (Technical Data PDF), Gamblin Ecthing Inks (Web)  |  Gamblin Relief Ink (Web), MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets For all their art products. Turners has some PDF color charts available, but they don't include pigment info. The Color of Art Pigment Database is a free resource of pigment information for all artists. Master Class Extra Fine Artists' Oil Colors (Web), White Knights Extra Fine Artist's Watercolour pans (Web) MSDS (PDF), Sonnet Studio Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor paints (all on same page Web), WC Color Chart (JPG), Oil Paint CC (JPG), Ladoga artistic student acrylic paints (Web), Richeson St. Petersburg White Knights Pans at Blick Art Materials afflillate link (Web). The technical specifications are on a sperate page on composition and light fastness and some of the Leaflet PDF files. I have also seen mixes with fugitive or marginally light fast pigments included in the paint formula, with the paint manufacturer claiming high light fastness simply because one of the pigments in the entire mix was light fast. Talens Art Creation Series Student Colors: Talens Art Creation Oils (Full Leaflet PDF), (Color Chart PDF), Talens Art Creation Watercolours (Full Leaflet PDF), (Color Chart PDF), Talens Art Creation Acrylics (Full Leaflet PDF), (Color Chart PDF), Talens Art Creation Gouache (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Soft Pastels (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Water Soluble Oil Pastels (Full Leaflet PDF). C.A.S. Comes in attractive cardboard box suitable for gift-giving! Complete Catalog (PDF) Has CI names & other info towards the end. testors acrylic paint color chart nearest home improvement, plaid acrylic paint ibitc co, 75ml water based acrylic paint price buy acrylic paint price fabric color chart boysen paint color chart product on alibaba com, iris acrylic 75ml, americana acrylic paint colors jackandoliver co Triangle Coatings, Inc. offers a full line of Architectural & Decorative Paints, Oil Paints, Concrete Sealers, Industrial Maintenance Coatings, OEM Product Finishes, and Government Specification Coatings. Winsor & Newton:     Art Brands Top^ has CI names and MSDS sheets for every color. tubes. These are typically interesting things I have read, or information collected on a pigment that may be worth further study. MSDS Sheets Here. When possible, I have included some discontinued lines of paints with color charts and brochures, along with some older color charts for historical reference information only. Sometimes multiple names are given because chemical names can be stated in different ways and can also give an indication of the manufacture method. Natural Earth-friendly vegan paints & pigments made in Canada. Walcott Fine Art, YouTube channel by Jason Walcott. He has many videos on pigments and pigment history, along with mixing tutorials and examples. I thought this video might help those who wants to start painting with acrylics! I Could only find a few current PDFs. Da Vinci:     Art Brands Top^ Colour Index Pigment information is available for Oils & Acrylics on their website but for some reason they do not indicate the watercolour pigments, instead they ask you to refer to' The Artist's Handbook by Pip Seymour'. You can also request their free catalog where they have all the CI pigments names for their paints listed. Made in Belgium. This item: Marie's Extra Fine Acrylic Set of 18 12 ml Tubes $16.97 Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Generally any artist paints that do not indicate color index names/numbers are, with a few exceptions, low grade paints. Professional quality performance and permanent or excellent light fastness. "English Manufacturers and suppliers to the trade of fine art materials, started in 1810 in London." Robertson's downloadable E-Catalog is for product information only, does not have current pricing. Color Index names can be found by clicking on the product number, and selecting the "additional" tab below the images. ga('send', 'pageview'); Disclaimer: The Information on this Website is provided for general reference purposes only. These links take you to their web site where C.I. Rebecca Wallace and Pip Seymour formed the UK company Pip Seymour fine art products in 2011. I = Excellent, Dr. Oto Kano, Oto Kano's YouTube Channel: Her 'about page' says why I've included her channel in this list,"I test out and experiment with watercolors thoroughly! Oil Absorption: is given in g/100g or grams of oil per 100 grams of pigment   Key Top ^ Page Top^ 1 = Opaque, Aged Korean watercolors. indicate there are no Colour Index Pigment Names or pigment information available on that specific link only. NBr = Natural Brown; The Industrial and Artistic Technology of Paint and Varnish, A Handbook for Painters and Art Students on the Character and Use of Colours, Facts about Processes, Pigments and Vehicles: A Manual for Art Student, The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques, Artists' Pigments: Volume 1: A Handbook of their History and Characteristics, Artists' Pigments: Volume 2: A Handbook of their History and Characteristics, Artists' Pigments: Volume 3: A Handbook of their History and Characteristics, Artists' Pigments: Volume 4: A Handbook of their History and Characteristics. Names) MSDS (PDF), Egg Tempera Chart (PDF) MSDS  |  Designers' Gouache Chart (GIF) MSDS  |  FW Ink Chart (PDF), Davenport, Jane (Jane Davenport):     Art Brands Top^. Ferrario (Italian site):    Art Brands Top^ Hasegawa) as "black numbers in white boxes". Common, Historic and Marketing Names:   Key Top ^ Page Top^, These are the various names that have been used for that pigment whether or not it is the correct usage. Kremer Pigmente International:     Art Brands Top^ Their line of colors of includes the traditional colors that have been the staple of artists over time, but they’ve also taken the classic paintmaking techniques of the old masters and brought them into the 21st century with the addition of modern pigments.  Abstract® Innovative Heavy Body Mixed Media Acryics (Web), (Brochure PDF), Gouache Extra Fine & Sennelier Artists' Egg Tempera (Web), (Leaflet Gouache PDF), (Leaflet Egg Tempera PDF), Pure Pigments (Web), (English Brochure w/ binders & additives PDF), (Colourchart & Pigment list Brochure PDF), Sennelier inks & Indian Inks (Web), (Color Chart PDF**), ** Color chart only, no Color Index or pigment information, Sennelier products at Blick Art Materials afflillate link (Web), Schira Porcelain Paints & Powders (PDF**) for historic reference only, Etude Student Oil Colors discontinued (PDF) for historic reference only. for more color details. 40 for Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Color Chart. Scuola Semi-Professional Watercolor (PDF Old, Colonial Natural Pigments from the US (Web), 1980 Oil Colors (Websie has no CI numbers), Genesis Heat Set Oils (Colors with no CI names - Web US), GOLDEN Interference & Iridescent Acrylic Colors (Web), Fluorescent & Phosphorescent Colors (Web), QoR Modern Watercolors at Blick Art Materials, Academy® collegiate line watercolor paints (Web), Phosphorescent "Glow in the Dark" pigments (Web), Acrylic and Polyurethane Binders/Mediums (web), Yuichi Artists Oil Paint (Current E-Book), Vernét Superior Astist's Oil Paints (Web US), Artists' Transparent Watercolors (Web US), Artists' Watercolor Pans/half pans (Web US), Hobien Technical Specifications (2004 PDF), Jackson's Aqua Oil Watermixable Colour (Web), Jackson's Artist's Watercolours tubes & pans (Web), Dry Pigments & Aqua-dispersion pigments (Web), Kama’s Professional Artist Handmade Oil Colors (Web), Kama Pigments Full Web Catalog product list 2018, SOLO GOYA Finest Artists’ Oil Colors (Web**), Lascaux Sirius Primary Colours Acrylic (Web), Lascaux Sirius Primary Watercolours (web), Lascaux Crystal Interference Acrylic Colours (Web), Lascaux Perlacryl Pearlescent Acrylics (Web), Lascaux Resonance Gouache Acrylic w/ Sage Oil (Web), LEFRANC Extra Fine Artists Oil (Web French), Leroux Extra Fine Artist Oil Colors (Web French), Leroux Fine Artist Oil Colors (Web French), Leroux Etude (Student) Colors (Web French), Italian Natural Earth Oil Colors - Terre Grezze D'Italia, Addendum Pigment/Paint List (2012 PDF archive only), Mijello™ Mission Gold Watercolors (Web), Watercolor Mediums/Binders & Additives (Web), Old Holland Oil Paints, Watercolors, Acrylics & Pigments, (Full Catalog 2014 PDF for historic reference only), Huile d'Art super fine oil Color Chart (PDF), (Paint Information Studio HV & Fluid PDF), Artist Acrylic Liquid Pigmented Acrylic Ink (PDF), (Pigmented Marker Information w/ CI names PDF), Fragonard Aquarelle extra fine watercolour, (Still available as of 2018 at Blick Art -, Pigment Oil Sticks and Encaustic Paints (interactive color chart Web), Artistic Renesans Extra Soft handmade pastels (Web**), Their full catalog here (PDF in E-Book form), St. Pertersburg Yarka White Knights Extra Fine Artist's Watercolour pans (Web), Current Full Catalog on (E-book), Rembrandt Artists’ Quality Oil Paints (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Artists’ Quality Extra Fine Watercolour Paints (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Acrylic Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Artists’ Quality Extra Fine Soft and Carré Pastels (Full Leaflet PDF), Cobra Water Soluble Oils (Full Leaflet PDF), Van Gogh Watercolor Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Van Gogh Acrylic Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Expert Acrylic Paints (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylic Paint (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Acrylic Pigmented Inks (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Pigmented Markers (Full Leaflet PDF), Amsterdam Spray Paint (Full Brochure PDF), Talens Art Creation Oils (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Watercolours (Full Leaflet PDF), Talens Art Creation Acrylics (Full Leaflet PDF), Rembrandt Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics and Pastels at Blick Art Materials, Van Gogh Oils, Watercolors, and Pastels at Blick Art Materials, Mussini Oil Colors Finest Artist Resin Oil Color (Web ), Norma ® Professional Finest Oil Colors (Web), HORADAM ® AQUARELL Finest Artists' watercolours (Web), AKADEMIE® Aquarell Fine Artists' watercolours (Web), PRIMAcry and PRIMAcry Fluid Finest Artist Acrylic Colors (Web), AERO COLOR® Professional Liquid acrylic colours (Web), HORADAM ® Finest artists' gouache colours (Web), Finest Artists’ Calligraphy Gouache (Web), AERO COLOR® Professional Airbrush Colors (Web), Genuine Artists' Bronzes - metallic bronze and aluminium pigments (Web), College® series student Oil Paints( Web), College® series student Acrylic Paints( Web), College® series Linol litho print Inks ( Web), (Brochure all College Series w/ color charts PDF), Schmincke products at Blick Art Materials, Artist Quality Extra Fine Heavy Body Acrylics (Web), Abstract® Innovative Heavy Body Mixed Media Acryics (Web), Gouache Extra Fine & Sennelier Artists' Egg Tempera (Web), (English Brochure w/ binders & additives PDF), (Colourchart & Pigment list Brochure PDF), Sennelier products at Blick Art Materials, Schira Porcelain Paints & Powders (PDF**), Shin Han SWC Premium Extra Fine Artstists' Watercolor at Jackson's, Shin Han Special Watercolors at Jackson's, Shin Han PASS Hybred Watercolor & Gouache at Jackson's, White Knights Extra Fine Artist's Watercolour pans (Web), Sonnet Studio Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor paints (all on same page Web), Finest Quality Professional Oil Colours (Web), Finest Quality Professional Watercolours (Web), High Viscosity Professional Acrylic (Web), Finest Quality Professional Liquid Acrylics (Web), Tri-Art Professional Liquid Acrylic Pigmented Inks (Web), Utrecht Professional Artists' Oil Paint (Web), Jane Blundell's Blog (Web), Seymore (formally Pip Seymour) Artist Oil Colours (Web), Seymore (formally Pip Seymour) Watercolours (Web - Colors only**), Wallace Seymour Bespoke (custom) oil paints, Wallace Seymour Vintage Watercolours (Web**, Wallace Seymour Early Historic Watercolour Pans (Historic names only, Web**), Wallace Seymour 18th Century Watercolour Sets (Historic names only, Web**), wOil® Water Mixable Oil Paints w/ CI (Web), Bob Ross Oil Colors at Blick Art Materials, List or all the pigments in their line without color swatches, Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors at Blick Art Materials, Williamsburg Pigments at Blick Art Materials, Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Paints (Web), Professional Artist Watercolour Sticks (Web), Professional Artist Acrylic Colours (Web), Special series oil colours: lapis lazuli oltremare, Genuine Vermilion and Genuine Naples Yellow (Web, Automotive/transportation Coatings & Pigments (2013 PDF), Pigments for General Industral paints (PDF), Pigments and Dispersions for Architectural coatings (PDF), Colorants for Sensitive Applications (plastics & food contact) (PDF), Entire Pigment Sales Range (Web 2018 PDF link), CLASSIC® Complex Inorganic Color Pigments (Web), Chemical Substances in Tattoo Inks (2012 PDF). All prints are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days. They are regarded as the excellent products by experts. I could find no Color Index names or information on the website, except for a few of the colors that are seperated out on the main menu. The web will take you to their web site where C.I. Becker, a subsidiary of Lindéngruppen - a privately held company based in Höganäs, Sweden. There are no Color Index names on their website, color charts or catalog that I could find. Color Index names Charvin's web site has CI numbers in the color charts. Robertson (C. Roberson and Co.):     Art Brands Top^ L = Low;    - Usually very fast driers, Under this heading will be a general designation of a possible hazard. names are available by selecting a paint color swatch. Names), 2012 catalog has CI names & color swatches for all their colors (. "Roberson was one of the most important colourmen in London. The Stoneground Paint Co. Distributors of Mir Oil colors & other artist brands, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Lutea:     Art Brands Top^ information. This page will help you navigate that maze and find acrylic paints that match your needs and your budget. selecting the specific paint image, Colour Index pigment info is downloadable on the products detail page, or in the PDFs' linked here. Note: these may from tests on a single formulation or pigment brand, and may not be valid for other brands or binders. PDF) (2012 Eng.PDF)  (2007 PDF), Aquarell 1862 (German 2012 PDF) (English PDF)  (2007 PDF)  |  Aquarell Studio (German 2012 PDF)  (2007 PDF), Cryl Pastos Acrylics (2012 German PDF)  (2007 PDF)  |  Cryl Studio Acrylics (2012 PDF) (2007 PDF), Gouache (2007 PDF) Studio Gouache (Eng. This Site does not warrant, or accept any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy, completeness, omissions, errors or misleading statements of the content or for any loss which may arise from reliance on this Site. window_name, Cadmium Red would be 8;8;8 with excellent light fastness in all tints). Golden Artist Colors:     Art Brands Top^ Triangle Coatings (Corp. Website):  Triangle cCoatings Online Store     Art Brands Top^ })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); Water soluble acrylic colors for modelling and hobby. 2 = Semi-Opaque, WARNING: Always use a dust mask when working with any dry pigments. Dulls = Loses chroma towards neutral but maintains the relative tone;   Wallace Seymour (formerly Pip Seymour):     Art Brands Top^ On the website you can click on the paint swatches to get Color Index Names and more info. Names and other paint information. relative transparency or opaque character; Some of their watercolors are made with gum arabic & gum tragancanth and may need to be activated with warm water or let soak a bit. Fine Arts. Blick Artists’ Oil Color (Web), Blick Artist Oils (2009 PDF), Blick Artists' Watercolor (Web)  |  Blick Liquid Watercolors (Web), Blick Artists' Acrylic (Web) (PDF), Blick Matte Arylics (Web), Blick Studio Acrylics (Web), Blick Art Materials's Downloadable Catalog also has pigment info. Blue Wool Scale will be given when known, but be aware that these may be from tests on a single formulation, and may not be the same for all brands or binders. The link will most often take you to an art supplier where you can find more specific art medium or paint binder info, purchasing source, pigment properties, pigment history, MSDS sheets, and whether it is the artist premium or student economy grade. The family of products has grown to include acrylic, oil, ink, airbrush, watercolour tempera and specialty paint lines for the professional to the beginner painters, visual designers and artisans. Large Scale Industrial Pigment Manufacturer's:  Page Top^ They can be used by those who work paint with watercolor, acrylic, oil paints and any other medium you can mix colors with. Shop at the Amazon Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia and foundation of the Czech Republic the legal status of the DÍLO product trademark became uncertain, therefore in 1996 the company changed it's name to UMTON BARVY and since that time all it's products (artistic oil and water colours, designer gouaches and preparations for artistic painting) have borne this name. Their paints are probably private-label made by some other company... just a guess, let me know if I'm wrong. For Blick Art Materials' Current Promo Code, Cornelissen has specialised in the supply of artists’ pigments since 1855. "- "Right from the start she wanted to focus on eco-friendly and completely non-toxic art supplies and very high quality archival products. N/A (not applicable) means that pigment has not been given a color index name or number. Downloadable How to make paint recipe book (Requires Adobe Flash) (Web). Current Full Catalog on (E-book) can download the PDF from there. Jackson's:     Art Brands Top^ I can can not cover every possible paint, binder, or pigment formulation in this chart as it would take too much time and space. No fillers or extenders are added. These links take you to their web site where C.I. In paints, the transparency of a pigment can change due to what is used as the painting medium or binder (i.e., oil color, watercolor, encaustic, acrylic, etc.). Creating a color mixing chart is a way for artists to study how colors interact with one another. Artist Quality Extra Fine Heavy Body Acrylics (Web), (Brochure PDF) could only find in French, has CI names. The content on this Site is formulated from my own personal opinions and experience and is the copyright of (PDF) = PDF color chart, technical sheets, SDS and other information pdf files available by either direct download or available on the website. Knowing the specific pigments in a artists paint and the chemical makeup is also helpful for those who have concerns about toxic ingredients, health and allergies. WK37409 New Test Method for Measuring Aspiration Potential of Aerosol Products Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia. She also makes her own line of handmade watercolors. Professional Series Oil Paints (Web), (2015 PDF). Lukas:     Art Brands Top^ One of the only ready-made manufacturers of encaustic wax paints. Watercolors can also be in the form of water soluble drawing sticks and water soluble colored pencils. The following links take you to their web site where C.I. Utrecht Professional Artists' Oil Paint (Web), MSDS (PDF with CI names), Utrecht Studio Series Oil Paint (Web), MSDS (PDF with CI names), Utrecht Astists' Watercolor (Web), MSDS (PDF with CI names), Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Paints (Web), MSDS (PDF with CI names), Utrecht Artists' Fluid Acrylics uses same pigments as Artists' Acrylic paints (Web**), MSDS (PDF w/ C.I. Hey guys! I'll include here some of the other brands made by Nevskaya Palitra here. US maker and distributer of art materials and paints, doesn't sell directly to the public. The Color Index, Third edition (published by the Colour Index International, 1997); 4.) The color of art database also Includes info on casein milk paint and gouache opaque paint. Leroux (Couleurs Leroux French):   Leroux Colors (Google English Translated):     Art Brands Top^ However, the ASTM specifications are usually voluntary and there is little means to enforce them. Their products are still made in the UK with many made to original 19th Century formulations and recipes. Artsts' Water Colour (PDF)  |  Design Gouache (PDF) (Web)  |  Turner Acryl (Acrylic) Gouache (PDF), Turner Artists' Watercolors at Jackson's Art affiliate link (Web), UMTOM BARVY:     Art Brands Top^ MSDS Master Sheet (PDF)  |  All MSDS Sheets (Web)  |  The Nomenclature of Color (Web). Has shops in New York, US and Germany. Aug 15, 2019 - Acrylic Color Mixing Chart Art Print by Chris Breier. Canadian Triangle Coatings’ business began in 1932 as a small, regional paint manufacturer. We select pigments for their specific artists’ quality properties. Good for plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic (22ml). Jackson's Website has CI names by clicking the color swatches In 2008 she decided to breathe new life into this heritage by creating a unique range of oil paints using traditional and modern pigments, selected using both her know-how and family tradition. Certified by 'The Good Shopping Guide' to be an Ethically Accredited Company". "The exceptional color strength of QoR Watercolor is achieved through the use of a unique binder called Aquazol®. They do not be seem to be distributed or sold in the Americas, except a few Esty or Ebay listings. NG = Natural Green; WK37916 New Specification for Standard Specification for Artists Pastels, Artist Supply & Manufacturer's Color Charts with Color Index Pigment Names, ® Oil Colors, color chart only, no CI (Web). (Ref) = A link to a reference source. Lutea’s Extra Fine Plant-based Watercolours & Pigments (Web), Lutea’s Extra Fine Plant-based Watercolours at Jackson's Art affiliate link (Web). All PDFs' have C.I. Colors of Nature:     Art Brands Top^ In addition to the European colors, they also offer a unique selection of pigments from the US. names), Utrecht Designer Gouche (Web**), MSDS (PDF w/ CI Names). The colors are intense and brilliant at a tremendous value. Made in the USA, M. Graham specializes in traditional hand-crafted paint made with the "historic natural bases of walnut oil and honey." Hobien Technical Specifications (2004 PDF). Black, White, Neutral  |  Yellow, Orange, Red  |  Violet, Blue, Green  |  Earth Tones. Acrylic. Most of their site is currently only in french, I added a few English translated links. The properties that make it ideal for use in conservation also make it a great binder for watercolor paint. Artists Oil Paint (Web US), (Current E-Book), (2014 PDF), Yuichi Artists Oil Paint (Current E-Book), (2014 PDF), Vernét Superior Astist's Oil Paints (Web US), (Current E-Book), Pop Ecolse Oil Paint (Current E-Book), (2014 PDF), Duo Water Soluble Oil Paint (Web US), (E-Book), (2014 PDF), Artists' Transparent Watercolors (Web US), (Current E-Book), (2014 PDF), Artists' Watercolor Pans/half pans (Web US), (Current E-Book), (2014 PDF), Artists' Designer Gouache (Web US), (E-Book), (2014 PDF), Acryla Acrylic Gouache (Web US), (E-Book), Heavy Body Artists Acrylic (Web US), (Heavy Body, Fluid & Ink E-Book), (2014 PDF), Artist's Soft Pastels (Web US), (E-Book)  |  Arist's Oil Pastels (Web US), (E-Book)  |  Pan Pastels (2014 PDF), Dry Pigments (Current E-Book), (2014 PDF), Below is an old PDF with CI names for their entire line, but is from 2002, so it may not match current product line. Reference database, color charts and stash management for all the colors from Tamiya. "Jane Davenport is an artist, best selling author and designer of her own art supplies." Langridge Oil Colours are made solely with pigment & linseed oil and are unadulterated by fillers or modifiers, they are full-strength paint with maximum pigment loading. (2014/2015 e-Catalog) - curiously, the catalog only only has CI names for their 'Charles' oil paint line & Pigments' but not for their top of the line brand paint. I can't put every single artist paint or pigment maker in the world here, but I've tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible, If you know any quality paint brands I've missed, let me know. 2018 Product listing (Eng PDF**) Product list does not have CI names, but includes color swatches of their entire line, 1862 Oil (2012 German PDF) English(PDF) (2007 PDF) |  Studio Oil (German 2012 PDF)  (2007 PDF), Berlin WS Oil (2012 PDF) (English PDF) (2007 PDF) |  Terzia (2018 Eng. There are 81 suppliers who sells maries acrylic paint on, mainly located in Asia.
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