Arriva is the leading scheduled bus service operator in Croatia, connecting 1000s of destinations across the country and abroad. Even worse, the timetable is incomplete as it only shows half the service, the other half of this integrated ‘partnership’ operated route is run by Carousel Buses providing a 15 minute frequency combined. Fair enough, perhaps, but I was there for less than 10 minutes and 3 people came in to ask for timetables and every one of them, when told they were only available on the website, said they didn’t use computers or smartphones. Much too often large organisations think they know best, but it is not always clear how they generate this confidence. Nothing Arriva does would surprise me, but this latest iteration of their website seems to be aimed at running down ridership. What useless rubbish. Track your bus in real-time and much more! George Ewer & Co, known by many for their Grey-Green Coaches operation, also had a string of profitable motor dealerships in Hampshire that Cowie rather wanted to expand their sphere of influence southwards away from Tyneside. (I haven’t included every page here but hopefully there’s enough to give you an idea of the nonsensical nature of the presentation – even better, click on this link and click on the top entry ‘1 from Blyth Bus Station to Widdrington Station Turning circle’ and just for fun scroll down through all the pages.). A survey by Arriva has found 91% of bus users have said they would be more inclined to use the bus if they knew exactly when their service would turn up and could plan their journey accordingly. V České republice provozujeme 2 000 autobusů, 35 trolejbusů a 5 vlaků a zaměstnáváme více než 3 200 zaměstnanců. The New Method Investors Products Technologies Company Powered by Arrival Newsroom. They’re very much legacy I’m afraid. It’s been trailed on social media as making “it easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you”. On looking at the Explorer North East entry, as I buy that ticket occasionally, it shows validity on Weardale services but I had understood they had withdrawn from the scheme some time ago. We have used Arriva today and the site told us exactly how and when to get to Whitby from Guisborough. Download the new Arriva UK Bus app today. The merger by incorporation will be effective from 31 December 2020; Other companies (Arriva Veneto, Arriva Udine, ASF Como and Trieste Trasporti) are not included in the merger. There are some exciting changes to look forward to on our new app. Just don’t ask which bus goes to Leeds Castle. Fine if there is an alternative journey other passengers can use but in some cases I don’t see that there is (Bearsted village and possibly the 5 and 12 from the weald area). Register here. Its front page clearly gives you links to ticketing, timetables and maps, and includes service updates. For me, a bus company website needs to have the basics of easy access to a timetable, a map and ticket prices. Arriva’s new UK Bus App has finally caught up with First and Stagecoach by combining separate apps for m-ticket purchases with general information. Click on ‘Download timetables’ and you get a quite mind boggling listing of every bus route Arriva operates in route number order – except not route number order as you and I would understand – no, this is route number order as though we are computer language geeks. Also on Bank Holidays’. Bus Times London also has something new for iOS 11, an AR View that guides you to your bus stop. Regarding the Travel Centres, Arriva’s Leicester Travel Centre re-opened last week (Tuesday 18th August). Arriva je jednou z největších dopravních společností v Evropě. From: To: Travel now. I reckon ‘1. First comes a block showing a single journey from Blyth to Ashington at 18:18 headed ‘Monday-Sunday’ (Why not ‘Daily’?) It’s not until you click on tab 2 (of 8) at the bottom of the listing …. So you’re saying you look around say Euston station concourse and see people consulting paper timetabes to work out journeys? That’s simply not true. Thank you Roger. So tough. 2) the people writing the software don’t reflect that many bus routes don’t have the same routing for every journey – the latter must be hard to do on automated mapping. Completely missed key functionality the single sign on across web and mobile platforms (and the implications for big data and CRM), the integration of the journey planning with the ticket catalogue, the single retail proposition, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment. *You* may choose to use Google to plan your journeys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else does. See how many changes there are between buses, the length of the journey and arrival time. Or am I being very “old-school”? Have you tried using the map app on your phone?”, and see what reaction you get. I would hazard a guess that the development work of this website was outsourced to developers in a country where Now you can enjoy being able to: Plan your journey and access your m-tickets all in one place. On our website you can find information about timetables and prices of all carriers of Arriva Croatia, as well as service information about bus stations in Croatia, our ticket offices, bus stops and conditions of carriage. it’s surely logical to do so, and any company that accepts such a rubbish offering needs to look closely at their managers that signed it off. Fahren Sie ab und zu mit dem Bus und haben keine OV-Chipkarte, können Sie eine Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte kaufen. Welcome to a new way to get on board Arriva buses, available across the UK (except London). d) a journey planner for those unable to understand the maps and timetables Give us your feedback! The Managing Director replied to me ‘I have forwarded your email to my team’. New Arriva Group CEO, Mike Cooper, starts in Oct but before that we can all email Deutsche Bahn’s CEO, Tickets can be purchased as usual on the new app – in advance or on the day. So for example, daytime departures from Blyth at 08 and 48 are shown under Monday-Saturday, but the 28 departure is shown under Monday-Friday. Updated Friday, 15th January 2021, 12:42 pm. This all sounds horrendous, especially as it did not seem possible for the previous Arriva web site to get any worse. The good news is that journey planning and live bus info is still available on our new app – where you can purchase tickets and plan your journeys all in one place. Arriva UK Bus App Android latest 2.3.11 (38) APK Download and Install. For example, how do I know what page route 74 is? We’ve launched our all-new NX Bus app which brings mTickets and live bus tracking into one single place. To my mind a good bus web site consists of How can they know where buses go to? How will such passengers find out about such restrictions? to “Service changes in the Wakefield area”. Could not get a price for a day ticket so bought a return on the bus. Products. It’s a pity this useful information isn’t made more accessible rather than expecting customers to commit to a ‘Buy tickets’ tab before being able to find out information on prices. Although there is one redeeming feature in that it does provide a link to “Related services” – see above for the 1 and 1A example in Buckinghamshire. … then enter Leeds Castle as your destination for which you have to scroll down the list of 20 options for Leeds (that’s Leeds, West Yorkshire of course)…. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We stream data in real time from the Transport For London (TFL) data API stream, meaning you’ll get up to date arrival times for buses, tubes, trams, river boats and cable cars straight from the source! As soon as I started looking around the system told me (and is still doing so ) that my location is not on an Arriva bus route! In the footnotes it is explained that such journeys will be restricted to the use of scholars and students. The Arrival Van. The New NX Bus App Ticket 2019 1 What is it? You dont in many cases no what bus you will want to get. And surprising as DBs rail website is perfect. Anyone who knows anything about buses and timetables would have immediately spotted the need to combine the 1 and 1A timetable into one presentation. We’ve made it easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you, by updating our website and launching a new app. Forces us to use it. Download our new app! The website needs to work for everyone who might want to catch an Arriva bus. The New Method. I think it’s designed by 2 year olds for 2 year olds to play with… it’s no use to those needing transport!!!”. . Which, just for confusion also shows every journey as ‘Only During Bank Holidays’ too. The Arriva web site is even worse if you are say on holiday. Finally the Journey Planner, which all good techy people hold so much sway over. Another daft idea of bus companies and Local council is to show a timetable that just shows the departure time from the stop and the time it reaches the final destination. So Information Offices closed (I prefer ‘Information’ to their ‘Ticket’), paper timetables difficult to come by, bus stop timetables removed with notices inviting you to go on-line to be faced by this, I sincerely hope that they’ve drafted in extra staff to their Customer Services team, especially with schools back next week (with some having unfamiliar starting times). Simply open your ticket and you can check your distance to your destination or even if you have enough time for a quick coffee or snack before your bus departs. that you eventually find seventeen route 2s which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route 20s. At least it wasn’t offering comlete gobbledygook. I like to think I’m fairly tech savvy, but I’m well aware that a lot of other people aren’t – even if they are brandishing the latest iPhone27 or Android93CurlyWurly device, and it’s something that the IT industry really needs to start accepting and making allowance for. Today, for a change, the website actually appeared to accept my location – until I realised they were bus stops on the A26 Tonbridge Road and NOT the A20 London Road, where I live., There’s a tab headed ‘Services and timetables’. ‘Verbesserungen’ means improvement! Take a read of this extract telling you all about the exciting new website, which doesn’t seem to know the difference between “you” and “your”: But that’s just detail. Just to say that we live in Norfolk and are away from home. The bus passenger, who is from Stonegate but … They need to clean up their data. Mobile first presentation, journey plans and mobile ticketing are where it’s act. Sorry for the massively long URL but I can’t work out what a shorter version might be! b) a map of services in each area with town maps as well where useful. 4 minutes) and time (e.g. Our own web app. It needs to be totally redone. Unfortunately Arriva seem to have left this step out, which may not have been a good idea. A city bus fatally struck a bicyclist on a Brooklyn street as he was apparently on his way to work Wednesday night, police said. Welcome to a new way to get on board Arriva buses, available across the UK (except London). At least it wasn’t offering comlete gobbledygook. (LtoR) Communications Manager, Eve Parkin; Nick Gordon and Social Media Co-ordinator, Abigail White. We didn’t want a three day ticket just to get to Saltburn as well. We’ve launched our new app. Explore more. Hier finden Sie die neuesten Produkte von Pumpkin. You have to create a new account and password – and take care to download the correct version as the App store yesterday was still showing the old app being available. The must-have Arriva Bus App Total 15 active Promotion Codes & Deals are listed and the latest one is updated on December 10, 2020; 2 coupons and 13 deals which offer up to 30% Off , Free Shipping and extra discount, make sure to use one of them when you're shopping for; Dealscove promise you'll get the best price on products you want. Cowie Group ran car dealerships across the North East when and when I was a boy they use to advertise on Tyne Tees Television.i think, strangely,their bus operations began down in London but back in the North East they bought up the two big halves that United had been split up into United and Northumbria but never regained the Scarborough and District bit….yet! Welcome to our new website & Arriva UK Bus app! via the arriva bus app What’s new Timetable changes to improve reliability @ArrivaEssex Arriva Herts and Essex . Christmas has come early for transport users in County Durham, with Arriva North East opening their brand new, state of the art depot in Belmont. ( Log Out /  Here's a more practical look at our new journey app, featuring real time information - so you can see where your bus is and how long before it arrives! The Arriva Bus App app we are assessing in this performance review is free to download at … a) a list of all the routes operated in numeric order for each specific area (even if some appear in more than one list) with a hyperlink to a simple pdf timetable for that route that can easily be printed off on one sheet of paper (with only occasional larger routes needing more than the one page). on Arriva’s new website. Products. But the bad news is they’re not easy to find. Bad luck if that’s your school. When others are fumbling for change, you simply show the driver your m-ticket on your mobile screen. The app includes times for Arriva bus services, location details for nearest bus stops and destination arrival times so people can plan their journey more efficiently. There is an ability to use a drop down menu to select a particular Arriva region to sift through all this news for relevance, but even so, those regions are rather large – eg North East or Wales for my local news relevant to my bus route. The official Arriva Bus App has a range of features designed to make it easier for you to get around on regional Arriva buses in the UK. I pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn’t work. takes prominent place at the head of the website on the home page. … big data and CRM, the single retail proposition, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment, legacy …. I have looked at the site open mouthed in shock at how poor it is. We don’t need a time for EVERY stop and we DO need the journeys to be shown in time order. However this ignores the fact that some stops may have two journeys a day, with a full service to another stop a short walk away, thus (in resulting in a poor choice for the requested journey) doing public transport a big dis-service. It's quick, easy and hassle-free. More. New Arriva app. Whether you want to find out when your next bus will arrive, purchase an m-ticket for your journey or scan it once you get on the bus, the Arriva UK Bus app makes it simple. I suspect the problems with the maps (common to other websites with these types of auto-generated maps) are: Change ). And from that viewpoint, this site is objectively spot on. There are also maps of the route networks for Derby, Hinckley and Leicester to complement it. Every stop is listed for good measure too, making for a long listing. I could go on with more and more examples of complete rubbish being displayed on this so called “exciting” new website, but here’s just one more crazy, barmy soupçon of what you’ll find. I have been tempted to suggest that this work was undertaken on a take your child to work day BUT they would have produced something considerably better!! I wonder if they will ever re-open? What new rules will affect your business? We’ll be retiring the current mTicket app towards the end of September and gradually removing the number of available tickets on sale in this older app. Good review but I felt you were far too generous with one star! Surely avoiding 404 error pages should be website design 101? Don’t get me wrong – the Arriva site has lot and lots of problems. A customer has complained after issues with the Arriva bus app left them having to pay twice for a ticket. The Arriva Bus App features bus services throughout the UK, except for those operated on behalf of Transport for London. Well, here’s an alternative perspective…. waiver request by mail to Bus Operator, Exam No. I pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn’t work. Then, inexplicably you get two blocks headed ‘Monday-Friday’ which list journeys not included in the Monday-Saturday blocks. Now here’s some positive news. Besides, from personal experience Google can come up with some fairly weird and wonderful options when you plan public transport journeys with it, including (for example) getting off a bus and walking along the bus route past two stops served by the bus you’ve just got off, and getting off a bus at a stop named after a place then walking a mile-and-a-half around the block because Google isn’t aware there’s a footpath from the bus stop to the place… It’s not necessarily a good idea to suggest that Google is any better for journey planning! Not all of us trust implicitly in journey planner software, so being able to double-check or look at alternatives is essential. Its terrible, all the wrong timetables on that website. How on earth is a stranger in any location expected to know which bus stop they want to leave from or arrive at? Download the Arriva Bus app for this feature and many more. You may be out shopping for example. Timetables are only shown strictly according to the route number you’ve picked. Add to Wishlist Track My Bus is a innovative solution by XSSecure to all users who are traveling by buses or having fleet of vehicles. You can eventually find some data by careful searching but it is probably not complete and searching often pulls up old out of date data . It’s unlikely to be particularly positive). You just need to know the route number and the times ie a simple timetble. I would not mind a bad webpage if it at least works. Aug 27, 2020 17:21:47 GMT 1 sharksmith said: Aug 27, 2020 15:17:53 GMT 1 westyorkshirebus said: Wales stayed on the 'essential travel only' message much longer than England, … Download Arriva Croatia free app on your smartphone. May I commend the Intalink website? I don’t work in the bus industry; as my username suggests, I work in the rail industry, where painful experience has taught me that a surprising percentage of supposedly internet-savvy people (those who appear to be living their lives via Snapchat/Instagram/Tiktok/whatever-this-week’s-must-have-is) seem utterly unable to use Google Maps or Google’s search engine even to find their way from a railway station to their local destination, let alone use Google or the operator’s apps to plan their journey.